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Scott Collins, PhD
Scott Collins, PhD

Scott brings a multi-perspective approach to success, drawing from his experience leading companies, teams and innovation in the fields of biotechnology, software development, communications, automation, logistics and construction. He is an experienced startup entrepreneur with cross-industry experience ranging from corporate formation to M&A. He enjoys working with companies, innovators and organizations in order to identify and then execute the path of least resistance towards commercial success, pivoting when necessary—all while not taking life too seriously.

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Abilities & Interests

Special Projects: Technology assessments, skunkworks, M&A, JV, spin-outs, facilities/laboratory buildout, ideation, brainstorming, project leadership.

Startups: I enjoy starting, funding, growing and eventually exiting companies. Startups give us the ability to work in a near bureaucracy free zone, where we can drive success faster and, at times, make the “impossible” reality. Let me know if I can help you with your idea or startup. I am most familiar with high technology, biotechnology, IT, philanthropic and service organizations.

Strategy: Low hanging fruit, quick wins, market positioning, strategic partnerships, acquisitions, reasonable risk mitigation, cash flow, opportunities, regulatory strategy.

Innovation: R&D, strategic arrangements, lean principals where appropriate.

Project evaluation: Brainstorming and ideation, resource allocation, strategies to decrease time and cost.

Business planning: Product-market fit, customer definition, business trajectory, preparation for funding.

Fundraising: Fundraising strategy, execution.

Growth: Teambuilding, capitalization, expansion, strategy.

Pivots: Lean startup principals where appropriate, team involvement, execution of plans, internal and external evaluation of new products and services.

Business development strategy: Customer needs analysis, product-market fit, KPIs, strategy.

Shareholder value: Strategic partnerships, opportunity execution, strategy, M&A, company exit or IPO.

Advisory: Scientific, technical, business, strategy, subject matter expert (SME), specific products.

Board of Directors

Other competencies and skills

How I can help

I have expertise in starting, growing and exiting companies. Along the way, I have come up with techniques that can help you succeed faster. Each situation is unique, so please consider reaching out to discuss what you are looking for so we can see if I can add value to your company.