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Abilities and Interests

Abilities & Interests

Special Projects: Technology assessments, skunkworks, M&A, JV, spin-outs, facilities/laboratory buildout, ideation, brainstorming, project leadership.

Startups: I enjoy starting, funding, growing and eventually exiting companies. Startups give us the ability to work in a near bureaucracy free zone, where we can drive success faster and, at times, make the “impossible” reality. Let me know if I can help you with your idea or startup. I am most familiar with high technology, biotechnology, IT, philanthropic and service organizations.

Strategy: Low hanging fruit, quick wins, market positioning, strategic partnerships, acquisitions, reasonable risk mitigation, cash flow, opportunities, regulatory strategy.

Innovation: R&D, strategic arrangements, lean principals where appropriate.

Project evaluation: Brainstorming and ideation, resource allocation, strategies to decrease time and cost.

Business planning: Product-market fit, customer definition, business trajectory, preparation for funding.

Fundraising: Fundraising strategy, execution.

Growth: Teambuilding, capitalization, expansion, strategy.

Pivots: Lean startup principals where appropriate, team involvement, execution of plans, internal and external evaluation of new products and services.

Business development strategy: Customer needs analysis, product-market fit, KPIs, strategy.

Shareholder value: Strategic partnerships, opportunity execution, strategy, M&A, company exit or IPO.

Advisory: Scientific, technical, business, strategy, subject matter expert (SME), specific products.

Board of Directors

Other competencies and skills

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