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Special Projects

What are Special Projects

Successful CEOs and corporate leadership often have a list of projects that are important for long-term company success. However, they may not have the time or resources to adequately execute them. Examples include company or technology acquisition, spinout, JVs, new facility rollout, technology or product pivots, new market evaluation, technology-market fit, temporary CxO and others.

My History

I am a repeat CEO and entrepreneur with extensive background in several fields from biotechnology to IT. I enjoy advising and mentoring companies–helping them succeed faster. The Special Projects concept came from these interactions. Successful companies do what they do well. However, evaluating a new business opportunity, or testing a new scientific or engineering concept, can throw a wrench into their well oiled machine. If there is a project that you would like to outsource to a trusted CEO, CTO or entrepreneur, then let’s talk. I am flexible on the arrangement and willing to consider a shared risk model as appropriate. To consider special projects, think: “If there is anything I could do or questions I could have an answer to, for my company, with virtually no risk, what would it be?”

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